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Squisito’s Bespoke Menus

Indulge in Italian Elegance: Our Bespoke Menu

At Squisito, dining is an opportunity to create cherished memories. Our passion for Italian cuisine goes beyond just food; it's an art form that requires tradition and experience to craft each delectable dish. Whether planning a special occasion, intimate gathering, grand wedding or corporate event, we welcome you to join us on a culinary journey. Our commitment to using the freshest ingredients guarantees that every dish we create is nothing less than a masterpiece of Italian gastronomy. Allow us to take you on a journey through Italy with our bespoke menu, whether for a wedding, corporate event, or intimate gathering. Our pricing for two courses starts at just £22.75.

Menu Ideas  

Cicchetti Mista - Italian style canapés  

Fig and bocconcini mozzarella

Pears and Pecorino Sardo

Piccolo sun dried tomato and Taleggio panini

Zucchini carpaccio rolls with basil pesto

Margherita pizzette  

Tomato and basil bruschetta

Sardinian carta di musica with home made chilli jam and shaved  Provolone cheese

Crema di fave crostini, crushed broad bean and mint on sour dough crostini

Zucchini fritto with home made tomato ragu

Floral goats cheese crostini with honey and orange zest

Cannellini puree with rosemary

Arancini con Funghi, mozzarella risotto balls

Arancini con ‘nduja, mozzarella and spicy ‘nduja risotto balls  

Calamari fritti with garlic mayo 

Crab, toasted fennel seeds, lemon juice and zest served in white  and red chicory leaves 

Crostini di fegato alla Toscana, chicken liver pate on sourdough  crostini

Tuscan beef sausage meatballs with tomato sauce Fig wrapped in Speck smoked prosciutto 

Deep fried mini calzone filled with nduja and mozzarella 


Verdura and Formaggi platters, Caprese salad with Burrata,  heirloom tomatoes and basil, chargrilled courgette, artichoke  and lemon salad  

Prosciutto and Salami platter, for example Finocchiona, wild boar salami, Speck smoked prosciutto, truffle salami, Spianata Calabrese, Provolone cheese

Insalata di mare platter, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, mussels, prawns and clams dressed with olive oil, lemon, parsley and a hint of chilli

You can personalise your platters and have a selection of all 3 dishes or just 1 or 2 to share. It’s up to you. Select up to 4 from each platter, or please suggest your favourites.



Served with Puglian olives, chilli taralli breadsticks, rosemary focaccia and ciabatta bread and Italian extra virgin olive oil  

Served suitably rustic style on platters underneath sharing planks sitting on tin cans - each plank serves 6-8 guests. 

Pane and Olive  

Puglian Nocellara olives, fennel taralli breadsticks from Puglia, rosemary focaccia and ciabatta bread and Italian extra virgin olive oil, served on wooden sharing planks.  

Primi (can be served as a main course)  

Squisito Celebration Lasagne, roasted Summer vegetables and tomato ragu with layers of fresh pasta topped with a besciamella sauce and Grana Padano  

Orecchiette a la Calabrese, cherry tomato sugo with rocket and a hint of spicy red chilli

Gnocchi with mushrooms, truffle-infused cream and Grana Padano cheese

Tortelloni filled with ricotta and black truffle and topped with truffle butter and Grana Padano cheese

Gnocchi filled with tomato and mozzarella and served with our tomato and basil sugo  


Pumpkin and ricotta ravioli with sage butter  

Trofie a la Genovese, French bean, baby potato and basil pesto

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with our homemade tomato sugo

Strozzapreti con pomodoro, heirloom tomatoes cooked in extra  virgin olive oil, and garlic and garnished with basil  

Maria’s legendary courgette with basil, lemon, Grana Padano  and trofie pasta ( very similar to spaghetti alla Nerano/ Stanley  Tucci recipe too!)  

Puttanesca dolce vita, tomato, olive, caper and chilli sugo with penne

Gnocchi with black olives, herb infused cream and Gran Padano cheese

Crespelle pancakes filled with ricotta, spinach and Grana Padano cheese, topped with grated Grana Padano cheese

Squisito Celebration Sausage Ragu Lasagne, Napoli pork sausage  and tomato ragu with layers of pasta topped with a besciamella  sauce and Grana Padano

Squisito Tuscan sausage ragu and gnocchi topped with mozzarella and Grana Padano cheese al Forno

Slow-cooked Fiorentina beef short rib ragu and pappardelle  

Squisito Tuscan meatballs in a tomato sugo with penne and  topped with a little creme fraiche and Grana Padano cheese  

Orecchiette a la Calabrese, cherry tomato sugo with a hint of spicy ‘nduja  

Served with grated Grana Padano/Italian vegetarian hard cheese 



Award winning, Parmigiana di melanzane, a traditional baked Calabrian dish of layered aubergine, homemade tomato passata, basil Grana Padano and mozzarella, GF


Porcini and fresh mushroom in “cartoccio”, sauteed shallots,  garlic, double cream, and herbs, wrapped in paper bags and warmed  through in the oven, GF


Award-winning Vegan Parmigiana di melanzane, a traditional baked Calabrian dish of layered aubergine, homemade tomato  passata, and basil topped with chargrilled artichoke, GF


Local Barby, Warwickshire lamb (farmed by musician/smallholder John, former wedding client and now good friend), boned  and rolled leg of lamb, seasoned with a Squisito rub of parsley,  mint and garlic and served with homemade salsa verde, GF

Award-winning Fiorentina beef short ribs, dry rubbed with our  Fiorentina herb mix, then slow cooked in Chianti and Italian  tomatoes, GF


Porchetta, Squisito Tuscan speciality, local shoulder of pork  boned and rolled and marinaded with sea salt, fennel and  smoked garlic, slow roasted and served with a spicy Squisito Via gra Italian sausage, GF




Chicken Milanese, Parmesan breaded chicken escalope cooked  in butter with lemon on the side


Donatella’s cacciatore, is a traditional Sardinian recipe and a favourite hearty Italian dish. Delicious local Fosse Meadows free-range chicken pieces braised in a rich base of Italian red wine, homemade chicken stock, tomatoes and green olives, GF  

Pollo Pugliese, local Fosse Meadows chicken slow cooked on the bone with lemon, Italian white wine, green Nocellara olives and fennel, GF




Cornish hake, roasted vine tomatoes, black olives and capers in  ‘cartoccio’, tied paper bags and baked in the oven, GF


Pan-fried Cornish sea bass fillets topped with a homemade Sicilian Caponata sauce, GF


You can, of course, select pasta dishes as a  main course



Carne (additional cost) 


Bistecca tagliata, locally reared beef sirloin, seared in olive oil and butter, oven-roasted and sliced, served/rare/medium rare/ well done, so something for everyone. Served Italian style with lemon wedges on the side




Fagiolini verdi con aglio e mente, green beans dressed with garlic, mint and olive oil


Caprese salad of bocconcini mozzarella or sliced whole mozzarella, tomatoes and basil


Rocket and courgette carpaccio with shaved Grana Padano and a light balsamic dressing

Fennel carpaccio, orange and seasonal leaf salad dressed with a citrus and extra virgin olive oil dressing, variation fennel and seasonal leaf salad with a citrus and extra virgin olive oil dressing.


Tuscan bean salad, cannellini, borlotti bean and rocket with a balsamic, garlic and herb dressing  

Insalata Calabrese, a traditional Calabrian potato salad of baby new potatoes with red onion, cherry tomatoes & salad leaves in an extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing


Umbrian lentil salad with Summer herbs and a balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dressing


Insalata pomodoro, Italian heirloom tomatoes with shallots and oregano dressed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon


Rocket and Parmesan salad with a balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dressing


Summer salad, seasonal baby salad leaves with a lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing




Patate al forno con limone e rosmarino, lemon and rosemary roasted potatoes with sea salt  


All food is served family style for guests to help themselves 




We can provide a bespoke cheese wedding cake with your favourite cheese.

base / Barbers 1833  

2nd tier / whole Taleggio DOP  

3rd tier / whole Brilliat Savarin with black truffle  top tier / 1/8 Gorgonzola dolce DOP  

Set up as a tiered wedding cake, decorate with figs, black grapes and ivy


We can provide your favourite cheeses from our Deli; just let me know  



We can make your favourite gelato to order, so why not pick your favourites such as Raspberry ripple gelato, Salted Dulce de Leche and vanilla gelato, Orange, Lemon and Basil sorbet, Negroni sorbet, Raspberry and white chocolate semi-freddo  

We can personalise gelato tub label artwork to match your wedding theme/colours, etc. Served in single portion-sized biodegradable tubs with a wooden spoon  



Squisito family recipe Tiramisu, little pots of loveliness

Mignon, Italian mini pastries  


Pick your favourites such as Pistachio cannoli, Chocolate canno li, lemon cannoli, orange arogostine


Lemon syrup-infused lemon polenta cake with caramelised  lemons and mascarpone Chantilly


Torinese chocolate gianduja cake decorated with homemade Nutella and toasted hazelnuts


Torta Caprese, almond and chocolate cake topped with vanilla  mascarpone and an Amaretto chocolate sauce


Strawberry millefoglie, layers of sweet puff pastry, fresh strawberries and creme patisserie


Amalfi celebration lemon ricotta cake with caramelised lemon and lemon mascarpone cream 


Raspberry and white chocolate semi freddo


Amalfi-style fruit salad, strawberries, oranges, Cantaloupe melon in a Limoncello syrup  

Italian mascarpone cheesecake with hazelnut and almond biscuit  base served with a Summer berry compote of blackcurrant, raspberry and blackberry  

Complimentary tea and coffee  



The Children's menu has the same dishes as the adult menu but at a reduced price.

Suppliers (photographer, band) 

Squisito staff and waiter team to provide own food and refreshments  



Evening food 

Pizze al Taglio 

Sourdough crust pizza with your favourite toppings, served in true Italian style by the slice for your guests to enjoy. All pizzas are made to order, so let us know your favourite toppings, and we will make them for you 


Sposa - passata, mozzarella, oregano  

Sposo - passata, funghi and mozzarella  


Zucchini - soft goat cheese, courgette, thyme  Rucola - passata, fresh cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves  

Served canapé style pre-sliced by wait staff from pizza boxes 


Cheese platters are served with grapes, figs, local Long Buckby  Born and Bread sourdough toasts, local honey and pink peppercorns, 

We can provide your favourite cheeses from our Deli; just let me know. 

Get in Touch

At Squisito, we take pride in offering a menu that can be tailored to meet your tastes and dietary requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to collaborating with you to design a remarkable Italian dining experience for your special occasion.
Contact us today to make your event unforgettable and discuss your catering needs. We can't wait to make your occasion Squisito!

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