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Italian Catering for Weddings & Events in Banbury

Catering at a wedding and many other events can be one of the most important centrepieces of the day. At Squisito, food is more than just a meal for us. Our goal is nothing less than the best and most authentic Italian culinary experience for your day, providing for a wide range of palettes and tastes. With over 20 years of experience in crafting Italian dishes, we will make your event a day to remember.

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Who We Are

At Squisito, we have been lovingly crafting authentic Italian dishes for decades. We believe that good food starts with passion, and we ensure the full love and pride we have for our profession goes into every dish we prepare. If you are looking for wedding or event catering in Banbury, we can provide the best Italian catering in the area. 

Memorable Wedding Catering

Our Italian wedding catering is all about you as an individual. We want every menu and every event to be unique, and our service is bespoke based on your needs. Whatever the size of the wedding, we can provide a huge range of delicious food throughout the day and ensure everyone is catered for. We will work closely with you for your wedding in Banbury to ensure your needs and wishes are met to the letter. From the initial menu plan to the delivery and presentation, our food will be the perfect complement to your special day.


Event & Corporate Catering

Italian cuisine makes the perfect accompaniment to virtually any event or private party you might be hosting in Banbury. With Squisito, we can provide a huge range of specialities across classic dishes that everyone loves, to the bold and contemporary. Our selection is unrivalled and the quality of every dish reflects the care that goes into the preparation–whether for a small, intimate event or something much bigger. Our menus include meat and fish as well as a broad range of veggie options.

 Get in Touch

For the finest Italian wedding and event catering in Banbury, get in touch today to discuss your plans. We can craft a menu around your preferences, accommodating a range of tastes and appetites. We understand the importance of fresh and authentic food, and of collaborating with you for every step of the process. Give us a call or email today and we can craft the perfect bespoke menu for your event.

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